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The Public House is The Ghent's premiere gastropub. That's a little fancy for our taste, so let's un-fancify it.

To break it down: Gastronomy = the practice or art of choosing, cooking, and eating good food. Pub = a tavern or bar.

Put it together and you get: Good Food + Good Beer = The Public House

You didn't know you would have to do word problems? Won't happen again.

All you need to know is anytime you order anything at The Public House, from the ice-cream to the corned beef to the mozzarella sticks, it's all made fresh in house. Nothing pre-ordered, nothing frozen. Well, okay wise guy, the ice-cream is frozen, but after we churn it from fresh ingredients.

we're open seven days from 11am - 2am.

1112 colley avenue
norfolk, va 23517

Contact Us:
Phone: (757) 227-9064
Online: Click here

We're hiring! Click here to download our application.
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